Darkcloud ricochet

Ricochet is a TOR-like service for grown-ups, companies and governments that have a legitimate need to hide their network traffic and endpoints.  It's highly scalable (100Gbps+) and practically unbreakable - even with hypothetical quantum computers.

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darkcloud valve

Valve is the only transparent, intelligent, network flow control platform in the market. It works in concert with IAM and BA platforms to provide seamless protection across internal & cloud-based infrastructures.  It effectively blocks unauthorized or unauthenticated endpoints from seeing and accessing mission critical applications and services.

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No man or organization is an island.  Speakeasy enables organizations to easily build and manage highly secure, private communities via Ethereum smart contracts.

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Our mission objective:

Enable you to Hide in Plain Sight

We've spent our careers building tech that powers the net.  Over the years we've helped it grow from a DoD/Academic playground to the most pervasive, powerful and perhaps dangerous technology ever invented.

Our products are used by Tier 1 operators around the world to deliver broadband Internet to more than 300M customers.  Suffice it say we know the good, bad and ugly when it comes to the Internet.  And there's plenty of bad things every day that have real life consequences for us all.

So we decided to do something about it.  The net result is DarkCloud - a highly intelligent, scalable, easy to use overlay platform that dramatically increases the privacy and security of your critical online transactions by minimizing the threat surface of your organization. Plug it in and your online world will never be the same again.

DarkCloud protects your transactions by making them invisible to unauthorized, unauthenticated endpoints inside and outside your organization.  It effectively hides your mission critical apps and services "in plain sight".


Next Steps...

Seeing is believing.  To learn more just knock on our door.