The best way to learn about DarkCloud is to experience it.  That said, here are a few questions that typically come up.

Why cloak?

Spies and cybercriminals use a well known technique known as traffic flow analysis (TFA) to identify targets of interest.  It's like the PI hired by your spouse to follow you to learn your patterns of behavior, relationships and the sordid activities you engage in.  Turns out it's hard to do.  All carrier network boxes capture and store network flow metadata.  Even better, they can copy flows of interest on demand and deliver them to third parties. Better yet, one can grab this data inside the 24 or so Internet Exchange Centers strategically placed around the world.


The first electronic "valve" (i.e vacuum tube switch) was invented by British scientist John Ambrose Fleming in 1904.  Since then the world has never been the same.  His valve led to commercial radio, TV and the first digital computer.  Tubes were replaced with semiconductor valves (i.e. transistors) which were then bundled into integrated circuits.  Today the smartphone in your pocket has more than 2 billion "valves" in it.  Our valve builds on this compute power to provide an intelligent, policy-driven software-based "switch" which controls the flow of information.

Does DarkCloud require special hardware?

No.  DarkCloud is a software-based.  It runs on virtually any compute platform that supports Linux.  This means you can run it on commodity servers, virtual machines and containers.  It will run on $9 CHIP SBCs, Raspberry PIs, multi-core rack mount servers and popular cloud services such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.


Who's using darkcloud?

It's obvious that we really enjoy what we do.  That said, we are deadly serious when it comes to our customer's privacy and security.  For this reason we don't publicly disclose who's using DarkCloud. We can however point out those that aren't: Yahoo, DNC, Trump Inc, etc.

To be clear, we are also very selective when it comes to who we do business with. Like Uncle Ben once said "With great power comes great responsibility."

How does this impact/affect my existing infrastructure?

Other than making it more secure and private - it doesn't.  DarkCloud is completely transparent.  Your current suite of apps/services works as is, with no discernible hit in performance or quality of experience (for valid users).  What you will notice is greater insight into and control of information flows in your enterprise.  Even better, from an "outsider's" perspective your key IT assets will vanish from the face of the earth 🙂

How do I get started?

Drop us line or note.  Assuming you have legit needs/interest we'd be happy to assess your use case(s) and propose a cost-effective solution.